Research Opportunities

In order to develop and deploy DFS tech solutions, the DFSRG’s approach to research involves a three-stage process. The first is the Formative stage, which involves identifying and assessing problems of interest (such as SMS-driven fraud), and developing proof of concept solutions. The second stage is the Development stage. This involves building prototype solutions and evaluating them in controlled settings (such as the mobile money security validation tool). The third stage is the Translation stage. This is when we scale our prototype solutions for deployment, and transfer technology to partner organizations in developing countries.

UW CSE students play a major role in the DFSRG research process. While our faculty advise students and provide general guidance, each project is assigned one graduate student as a project lead, with several other students collaborating on each individual project as well. The project lead takes ownership of the project, and is responsible for ensuring timely completion of each milestone. This involves delegating work on project milestones to other students.

We have a number of research opportunities for interested students, including:

Interested UW CSE students should contact Prof. Richard Anderson.